Title: Mittoo

Client: CORIN

Commissioned installation for Boutique, Summer, 2004.

Coordinator: Yoshi Yamaguchi

Location: Kushiro Prefecture. Sapporo, Japan

Details: Acrylic & spray paint on drywall & plaster

Notes: Hokkaido is the most northern island of Japan. I was commissioned to paint an interior & exterior piece for the store CORIN in the port city of Kushiro, which was not open just yet. The request for the interior was a little of everything from me including Technology, flowing waves and a portrait of musician Jackie Mittoo. The outside was for me to do as I wished. I had a great time in Hokkaido and was shown much love by the crew. Fresh crisp air, super green nature & a major port side industrial district smashed with rust, a place where nature meets urban in my favorite way.