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A brief interview with Kiwamu Omae for Lowrider Magazine: Japan, Spring 2009

What's is theme or concept of the show "Vintage Futurism"?

There is a literal 60's to 70's theme in all of the works, from the Mahogany stained wood trim to the color pallet. I obviously have an affinity to that era of art and design that comes naturally to me. Add the fact that I also admire the architectural direction of the Futurist Movement and you have a sort of clash between old and new, playing with the idea of a refused past colliding with a structured tomorrow, ultimately playing with the past and the future. 

I think the title "Vintage Futurism" is perfect to explain your works. How did you get this title? 

It's a play on words. A contradiction almost. 

In Italy there was an architectural movement in the early 20th century called  "Movement Futuriste'.  Their creative direction and aesthetic was always inspiringg to my  as well as the title 'Futurism'. The idea of these men creating sketches of a futuristic Italy was like a fantasy to me. Now add to that my love for vintage paper ephemera and the past, making the collection of work look aged and distressed. Like the work was produced years ago, but created in the future.

How was response about the show?

Fantastic. This was by far the best show of my artistic career. People were excited and supported me by purchasing work. My curator Christina Ochoa Did an immaculate job getting this show together.

How did you start your original style to mix old materials like old paper, old wood box?

I have been trash collecting and salvaging supplies for artwork since the 90's.  I have always been on a low budget and like to create with whatever i can find. I have learned so much and gotten better at collection and incorporating over the years.  More precise and direct now.

What kind of materials did you use art works for this show?

All of the paper used is found in Estate Sales. This is when someone in the family passes away and EVERYTHING in the house is for sale. I usually dig in the garages and home offices for envelopes, receipts, notebooks, old magazines and packaging covers. Older Americans that own homes keep everything, so i find papers from the 50's to the 80's. I have been doing this for almost 3 years now and i have a nice stockpile of beautiful papers. On top of the paper collage i paint in acrylics and watercolor. I also use ball point pen and pencil like an architect would use.

You used the word “Triangulations” for some works. What's meaning “Triangulations” for you?

This can be spiritual and technical. All of the artwork in the show is based on a 45 Degree angle, and when I crisscross these angles and their respected lines, triangles form. This was unconscious initially, then it became so visible all i could do was except them and focused on them. Spiritually it can represent Pyramid Energy and the 3 Pyramids of Egypt forming a 45 degree angle. 

At the "Vintage Futurism" show, I like the space recreated your studio. Why did you make that?

This tis the type of installations and environments I like to create for my shows , at least in Los Angeles. It adds character and a look inside the types of materials and inspirations I like to have around me. I personally work on 2 drafting desks at my studio, so it was mandatory to have one on display at the gallery.