Yves Laroche Galerie d’art, Montréal, Quebec
Photo: José Enrique Montes Hernandez
September 12th - October 11th, 2013
Under the co-curation of the gallery and graffiti-veteran, RESO, this exhibition serves as a meditation on the value of abstraction in graffiti. This group show features works by an impressive roster of 22 artists from Canada and all over the world. Each artist comes from a background in graffiti but their diverse works reveal the many directions into which these roots can evolve. The artistic networks of Yves Laroche combined with those of RESO (based in Germany, Switzerland, and NYC) guarantee a very unique show. The opening’s music will be curated by the Sommelier Acoustique, a glass of Bulle de Neige in hand. Many of the participating artists will be present on the date of the opening, making the evening an international graffiti convention not to be missed. 

“Urban Abstraction
Throughout its development – most notably since the end of the 20th century, graffiti art has changed drastically in terms of the artists’ approach. Its success within the art market unifies it with other art movements that stem from an urban environment. The different approaches to these movements, though, are complex and numerous. 
Contrary to certain styles, abstraction requires that the observer engage in a conversation with the work. The transformation of letters into shapes and symbols detaches them from their original, superficial function. This allows for complete independence and liberty within the works of abstract artists.”
GATHER  A two-man ‘Live open Studio’ show by Augustine Kofie and Paul Senyol
THE LOVELL GALLERY, Woodstock, Cape Town South Africa
The Lovell Gallery in association with Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection presents GATHER an exhibition by visual artists Augustine Kofie and Paul Senyol, whose works grace the streets and galleries of Los Angeles and Cape Town, respectively. GATHER will include works by the individual artists in their signature styles, collaborative works by Kofie and Senyol, as well as a true pièce de résistance, a historic racing Porsche 911, which will be transformed into an object of art inside the gallery from the 16th to the 19th Oct as part of this exhibition. This Art Porsche will then race in the endurance challenges of the International Springbok Series in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth starting in November this year.

Kofie and Senyol have both succeeded in developing their own unique abstract- and street- inspired artistic identities without any formal training. Process, balance, geometry, layering and typography are common elements, which link these artists’ works together. The pairing of Kofie and Senyol’s practice in GATHER results in a richly diverse visual dialogue and outcome, coexisting beautifully and harmoniously within the gallery space. GATHER further invites the viewer to be witness to the art-making process of two original contemporary street- and fine-artists in their own right. A world-class exhibition not to be missed!
GATHER will be celebrated with a wrap / closing event due to the live and evolutionary nature of the exhibition.  Viewers will be able to observe the creative processes of the artists throughout the course of the exhibition by the day-to-day progress and happenings at the gallery.
Soul Significance
Crewest Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles
April 15 - May 7, 2006
Featuring the work of: Juan "Lucky" Alvarez, Rob Abeyta Jr., Patrick Martinez, Retna, Eriberto Oriol, Eyeone, and A.Kofie.